bus led display

bus led display sign for destination and line or route terminal stop

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  • Brand:    TOP SHINE
  • Type:    P8*10
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bus led display for destination and line

we use high quality led with gold line and bigger chip.

use stable control card. can choose wifi or RS485&232 also RJ45 PORT for communication.

support Second protocol development。

the bus led display size can design.

Normal size usually is 936*187*45mm  1192*187*45mm 1448*187*45mm  960*238*45mm 1222*238*45mm.....

the pixel can do 16*80,16*96,16*128,16*160,24*80,24*128,24*192dots.....

we have a contol card near driver, driver can change program easy just press a bottom can change.

or can choose the program directly.for example you can input 5,then press "ok" the bus led display will show no.5 program.

bus led display packing

if you want know more about how to use and operation you can check the manual of the bus led display.

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