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Stroer Group's blowUPmedia in Amsterdam center LinBuLan square appeared a 108 square meters of Super dynamic (Super Motion) LED display.
To be successful in the LED lighting market, in addition to the strong supply chain and sales network essential, stable and reliable product quality and a pleasant light quality is also essential.
From the recent ten years to the LED display this industry speaking, from October each year can be said to be LED display season. So the LED display manufacturers how to seize the opportunity to break through, to further promote the enterprise interes
"3-High 1-low" is actually refers to the LED display technology said high color rendering, high photosynthetic efficiency, high reliability and low cost. How to do low cost and can let the LED display quality can achieve "three tenors"?
LED packaging companies how to deal with the debt crisis in Europe "butterfly effect"
Ten years, our country's LED industry, especially high brightness LED industry in has experienced from the introduction of the first quaternary AlGaInP/GaAsMOCVD equipment and the first GaNMOCVD equipment.
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