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Rental LED Screen
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14+Years Professional Manufacturer
Stadium LED Screen manufacturer
Russia and Qatar World-Cup
Stadium LED Screen Supplier
14+Years professional manufacturer
Flexible LED Screen manufacturer
Strong Bending Ability
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14+Years Professional Manufacturer
Transparent LED Screen
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Three-years Warranty
14+Years Professional Manufacturer
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Top LED Display Manufacturer In China-Best Supplier

  • Large LED Display Manufacturing Factory
  • Advanced LED Module Equipment And Production Line
  • Leading Mature COB LED Display Production Technology
  • Strict Material Selection and Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance 24/7 Online Service  Lifelong maintenance.
Factory Total Floorspace
Industry Experience
Online Service
Advanced equipments

LED Display Products:

Top Shine is a Global-leading LED Screen Manufacturer,Provide Outdoor and Indoor Rental LED Display, Fixed LED Screen, Flexible Screen, Advertising LED Billboard, Transparent Display, LED Display Board, LED Pharmacy Cross Sign, LED Video Wall, Totem LED Screen and Public Transportation LED sign. Also Provide Custom LED screens and LED modules.

LED Screen Solutions

LED Display Application markets:Advertising billboards,Sports stadium,Stage,Buildings,Malls,Conferences,Digital Signages,Transportation,buses,Vehicles,Retails stores etc...
LED billboard

LED advertising screen is mainly used in shopping mall centers, squares, parks, stations, airports, landmark building facades, highways, etc…public places with high traffic volume.

Custom led sign

Custom LED signs like LED Balls,  Round LED signs, hexagonal LED screens, triangular LED modules, rectangular and cylindrical LED displays…creative LED display.

sports led screen

Sports LED screens including stadium LED screens, outdoor perimeter LED displays, LED perimeter advertising systems, indoor basketball stadium LED screens, football stadium screens, scoreboards, and Game live screens.

retails led screen

LED Screen for retail. like store LED signs, screens for a shop window, shelf LED screens, LED shoe display cases, Vending machine LED screens, LED signs for rooms, for walls in Jewelry stores, leather shops, handbag shops, shops at airports.

LED Video Wall Certificate

Top Shine gets a lots of certificates Like CCC,CE,ROHS,FCC,ISO9001,EMC,LVD for LED screen panels and COB LED display boards.LED Display modules,LED cross signs,Flexible LED screens,transparent LED screens,Big LED screen,3D LED Billboards.and bus LED displays.

TS Project Case

Top Shine LED Video Walls can be found in many corners of the world. Like Qatar World Cup auditorium Perimeter LED Screen, Romanian airport retail store LED displays, Mexico and Poland road transportation LED signs, Bangladesh city square advertising LED Screen, Russia DIP energy-saving high-brightness LED display, Dubai Totem Digital Signage Displays.
window led screen
Window LED Screen
Circular LED display
Circular LED display
shopping mall led screen
Shopping mall LED screen
stadium led screen
StadiumLED Screen

Top Shine Technical Strength and Agency

We have Strong Ability Of Research And Development And Production Technology For Cob LED Screen and Custom LED Display Board.
Top Shine Technical engineers

LED Display Screen and LED Video Wall manufacturer

Top Shine has 4 Electronic engineers for LED display modules design and test,2 engineers for LED Screen cabinet and structure steel design,1 software engineer, and 5 Installation and debugging engineers,5 engineers for online services. Various sizes, spacing, pixels, appearances, and shapes can be customized according to customer needs. Solve complex and unconventional LED display screens and LED Video Wall installation solutions.

Become Agent of Top Shine

Top Shine seeks global agents for LED modules、 LED displays and LED screen accessories. TS has risen rapidly in the international market and become a leader in the LED display industry. TS  has a professional R&D team to provide customers with high-quality products and services. At present, the company has become one of China’s top LED display manufacturers, and its products are exported to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions.

If you are interested in our products, please contact our sales team and we will provide you with a more detailed product introduction and service plan.

Wholesale LED Display Screen Modules Accessories

Receiving Card-Cabinet-Power Supply
  • Power supply
  • Huidu LED Controller
  • NovaStar LED Controller
  • LED Video Processor
  • LED Screen Cabinets
  • LED Connector
  • Wires and Fans
  • Screws and Magnets
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Maintenance Tools

Technology and Production Capabilities

Top Shine has an experienced team capable of providing high-quality services and competitive LED Displays and LED modules. We are renowned in the industry for our expertise, R&D, and innovation capabilities, and customer service levels.

In addition, we also have strong technical support and advanced automatic production equipment、test equipment, and LED Panel production lines to meet your various customized needs.

Are you still worried about technology and finding strong manufacturers? Choose TS to stabilize your supplier.

Low Price & High Value Reasonable

As a leading LED display manufacturer in the industry, We have many industry top suppliers who provide strong support in terms of price, quality, and supply of raw materials. So We can Standardize、 inventory、 mass-produce conventional LED display modules, LED Advertising screens, Digital Signage Displays, LED signs, and Pharmacy LED cross.

That is why TS’s LED Video Wall products have attractive prices and provide customers with perfect value.

Do you want to obtain higher profits and increase the added value of your project? Choose TS you can earn higher profits

Integrity Management, Lifelong Service

Quality: All product quality standards are 100% strictly implemented following customer requirements and contract terms. We will also be responsible for product quality issues and provide free returns and exchanges.

Service: All LED Display customers receive lifetime free and efficient online technical consulting services. Quickly solve LED module intelligent settings and LED display connection problems through remote video and remote computer debugging.

Are you still worried about quality and after-sales service issues? Choosing TS means choosing convenience and peace of mind.

LED Screen Manufacturer Article & News

13 JAN 2024

This public transportation project has 260 pcs for buses LED screens, and 40 pcs for bus station LED signs. To show the routes, station name, and passenger information.

15 NOV 2023

Cob LED display, also known as COB (Chip On Board) LED display, is a type of light-emitting diode (LED) display that uses chips to integrate the entire LED panel onto a single printed circuit board (PCB).

23 September 2022

This Studio LED screen total 27square meters, Used P1.875 Flexible led module with nationstar LED lamp, To show Cultural propaganda and history is introduced.

25 September 2022

200 square meters 3D Big Digital signage display for advertising shipping to Egypt.

12 OCT 2021

The P2.976 Outdoor Rental LED Screen uses Nationstar LED Lamp, Quick connection without data cables, with mask and anti-collision box, high-cost performance, high brightness, and high contrast.

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