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20pcs p8 doubel sides farmacia cross led screen on producing
TOP SHINE 2017 shanghai LED Fair
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<font color='#330099'>P10 SMD indoor full color </font>
P10 SMD indoor full color
<font color='#660000'>P6 indoor Full color LED screen</font>
P6 full color indoor LED screen
<font color='#990000'>P3.75 indoor Dot Matrix</font>
P3.75 indoor Dot Matrix Single color
P10 Full color outdoor
P10 Full color led screen display
P20 Full Color
P20 Full Color (P20 2R1G1B) Changed by P10 1 Red single color,same IC,same PCB,same housing,but displaying full color and single color price.
<font color='#006600'>white color 3 LED module</font>
white color 3 LED module
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