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LED Video Wall By Features

LED video wall is a video wall composed of LED display screens. It can play various video signals, such as TV programs, advertisements, pictures, etc. It is often used in advertising, publicity, display, and other fields. LED video walls have the characteristics of high brightness, high definition, and bright colors, which can produce a strong visual impact, attract the audience’s attention, and improve publicity effects. There are many installation methods for LED video walls, such as wall-mounted, hanging, embedded, etc., which can be selected according to different occasions and needs.
LED video walls are widely used in various occasions, such as commercial advertising, stadiums, shopping malls, hotels, airports, train stations and other public places, concerts, etc.

How to choose an LED video wall?

1. Resolution: The higher the resolution of the LED video wall screen, the better the display effect.
2. Refresh rate: The higher the refresh rate of the LED video wall screen, the smoother the image.


3. Brightness: The higher the brightness of the LED video wall screen, the better the contrast and the clearer the display effect.
4. Color: The brighter the color of the LED video wall screen, the better the visual effect.
5. Energy consumption: The lower the energy consumption of the LED video wall screen, the lower the power and the lower the operating cost.
6. Raw materials, LED lights, power supplies, ICs, circuit boards, glue, and other components directly affect the effect and stability of the LED display.

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LED Video Wall Series

TS Is a Professional LED Video Wall  Manufacturer For Outdoor and indoor In China

indoor led video wall

The indoor LED video wall is a Media tool that is suitable for indoor high-quality technology and can bring customers an excellent visual experience. In recent years, a small space in the interior has also risen in large numbers. Technology has reached a new height.

Outdoor Led Video Wall

Outdoor display screen adopts high brightness technology, which is waterproof and high temperature resistant. Meet the needs of adapting to harsh environments. The screen video mainly plays the live broadcast of the game and captures the wonderful moments.

4k video wall

The 4K video wall is applied with high definition, which can show the video content to every detail to the greatest extent. Because of its outstanding advantages, it has now become the first choice of film and television halls in major cinemas.

led wall panels for home

As a kind of household decoration, household LED wallboard plays a dual role of beauty and practicality, and is generally used for the decoration of high-end villas and clubs. It is durable. It has been gradually popularized in recent years.

led video wall rental

LED video wall rental is a new form of LED video transmission with flexible installation and convenient mobility. It is commonly seen in many large stage venues. And because of this feature, it is not easy to be replaced.

indoor transparent led display

The transparent LED wall display has a broad market, which is divided into two types: self-luminous and external light sources, and has the advantage of durability and high brightness. It plays a unique role in advertising.

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Application of LED Video Wall Display

With the rapid development of economy, LED Video Wall Display widely used, such as outdoor building curtain wall, indoor home wall, curtain wall, the theater  wall… all kinds of digital video animation display places.

  • For large churches, usually have LED Video Wall in front of the podium and around church walls, to display the activity and content of the meeting, in order to sit at the back of the congregation can clearly understand the content and schedule.

  • LED Video Wall For Advertising

    With the advent of the new advertising era, the LED video wall has a dynamic sun-absorbing effect. At the same time, the same advertising space can place multiple advertisements of different brands and different video content.

  • LED Video Wall For Conference Room

    The modularization and unitization of the LED TV wall can be easily spliced ​​into a large LED TV wall to solve the splicing gap and transportation and installation problems of the large screen in the conference room.

  • LED Video Wall For Stage

    The walls, floor and ceiling of today’s stage are all surrounded by LED video walls. Form a virtual immersive real feeling.

  • LED Video Wall For Home

    More and more wealthy families are installing high-definition LED video walls to build private theaters and KTV entertainment rooms at home or villas as the big LED TV.

  • LED Video Wall For Events

    In order to increase the intuition, integrity and vividness of the event, LED video wall advertisements are used in conferences, opening ceremonies and weddings,concerts…

  • LED Video Wall For Virtual Production

    LED video wall is the necessary equipment for virtual reality shooting, which can build a real 3D virtual studio and complete various real 3D films.

Outdoor Giant LED Wall Screen

Outdoor video walls are mainly used in the exterior walls of large buildings, landmark buildings, and buildings with a large flow of people for advertising and information. High definition: The pixel pitch of large outdoor video walls is smaller, making the picture clearer.
High brightness: Can withstand direct sunlight, ensuring clear viewing even in well-lit environments.

LED outdoor full-color display can display various forms of content, including text, pictures, animations, and videos. Through flexible control systems and software, real-time content updates and remote management can be achieved to meet the display requirements of different scenarios and needs.

Outdoor Giant LED Wall Screen
4K HD LED Display Wall

4K HD LED Display Wall

4K high-definition display is currently used in cinemas, exhibition halls, traffic control centers, medical equipment, and places where high-definition video sources need to be displayed HD 4K LED display walls.

Durability and protection: Outdoor full-color displays usually adopt waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion designs, and have good durability and protection properties. Its shell structure is made of high-strength materials, which can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, sand, etc., ensuring the normal operation of the display.

Commercial Video Wall Display

The exterior walls of commercial centers, subways, stations, and interior walls of airports all have commercial video wall Displays. Commercial Video Wall Display has the function of dynamic picture display, with bright colors, and deep and moving images, which cannot be expressed by traditional advertising canvas. Strong visual impact: The large-size, dynamic, audio-visual integrated LED display fully stimulates the audience’s senses and effectively conveys information to guide consumption.

High brightness and contrast: LED outdoor full-color display uses high-brightness LED lamps as the light source, with excellent brightness and contrast. Even in outdoor environments under direct sunlight, images, and video content can be displayed to ensure good visual effects.

Commercial Video Wall Display

Advanced manufacturing equipment to ensure product production process and quality

LED chip Machine

Years of technical research and development, TS has trained a group of outstanding engineers, not only has strong technical force, but also has rich experience in installation, commissioning and construction. The company has successively served a large number of well-known domestic enterprises such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Shandong Expressway, Guangxi Expressway, Anhui Expressway, and China Southern Power Grid, and has won the trust and support of government agencies and people from all walks of life! The products of TS Technology have been widely used in many fields such as electric power, water conservancy, military, transportation, government, mining enterprises, exhibition halls, sales centers, conference center TV stations, studio halls, advertisements, academic forums, public places, etc.

Vibration Test Machine
Vibration Test Machine

TS has 2 vibration testers. Every batch of products produced by the factory has been tested by the vibration tester to simulate transportation vibration to ensure that all LED Video Wall products will not have any problems after transportation.

Waterproof Test Machine
Waterproof Test Machine

The factory has a LED Video Wall waterproof test room, which conducts IP65 waterproof level standard tests for each batch of products produced to ensure the stable and safe operation of the LED Wall Screen outdoors.

What are the core components of LED Video Wall??

LED Module

The LED Module is the core device of the display part of the LED Video Wall. LED Module is composed of lamp beads, IC, PCB, housing and connectors…

Power supply

Power supply is the core component of the electric drive of the LED Video wall. Good quality Power Supply can not only provide stable power, but also reduce the heat of the LED Video Wall.

LED Wall Screen Controller

The control system is the core component for changing and sending programs. As a part of the LED Wall screen control system, the software determines the functions of the controller and the degree of use of the user.

LED Display Wall Cabinet

The LED Display Wall Cabinet is an important component that connects and assembles all other core components. The quality of the LED Display Wall Cabinet directly determines the flatness and waterproof level of the screen.

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Quanlity control And Test Equipment

Top Shine test equipment


How To Choose A High-quality LED Video Wall?

Reliable LED Video Wall Supplier In China.

How to choose LED Video Wall manufacturer?

1. we need to understand the strength and scale of the manufacturer. A large-scale manufacturer has advantages in technology, production equipment, and capital, and the quality of products and services produced will be more reliable. Therefore, under other equal circumstances, choose a large-scale LED  Video Wall manufacturer.

The technology actual strength of manufacturer?

2. The manufacturer with a strong technical team and R&D capabilities also has greater advantages in product innovation, production technology, and quality assurance. Therefore, consumers should focus on their technical strength and research and development capabilities when choosing LED Video Screen manufacturers.

After-sales Service System

3.Good after-sales service can solve consumers’ worries and ensure the use and maintenance of products. When choosing a manufacturer, consumers should examine the quality of their after-sales service, including maintenance and replacement parts.

LED Video Wall Cost Price?

The price of LED Video Displays is relatively high. Therefore, consumers should choose according to their own needs and budget when choosing a manufacturer. There may be problems with the quality and after-sales service of products with too low prices, so consumers should not only use price as the only selection criterion but should finally determine which manufacturer to buy according to the various capabilities of the LED wall display manufacturer, as well as their own quality requirements and budget.

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