Cube Round Hexagon led screen
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Pixel Pitch P1.8-P2-P2.5-P3-P6
Cabinet size 512*512mm,700*700mm,1000*1000mm
Module size: 256*256mm
Refresh rate: 3840Hz
Power: Max:800W/sqm,Avg:250W/sqm
Waterproof : IP31-65
Brightness: 600-6000cd
Input Voltage: 110-220V

Top Shine Cube Round LED Display Products

The Cube LED Screen can make it in 6 faces, 5 faces, and 4 faces.

It is convenient to make special video to achieve 3D cool dynamic scrolling effect

The circular screen can be used as a LOGO signboard, or it can be installed in some specific environments, giving people a high-tech feeling, LED screen with customizable size.

Spherical led Screen

Special shaped LED displays are widely used in various signs, logos and innovative places. TS support and design custom led display sign.

Cylindrical Screen

The cylindrical LED display can achieve 360-degree display effect, and can be directly installed on the surface of many special cylindrical structures and places, saving space, beautifying the decoration and displaying advertisements and video content at the same time

Hexagon LED Display

The hexagonal LED display can be used as a LOGO signboard, or as a video LED display and spliced ​​into various strange shapes, such as a football-shaped LED display,

Column LED Display screen

The Column are essential as the load-bearing structure of the building. Installing LED displays around the pillars can not only make the column morebeautiful, and also can  play videos and advertisements to bring revenue.

Football Made By Hexagon LED Screen

24PCS Hexagon LED Screen makes a 1pc football-led screen.

Football made of Hexagon LED Screen

Can you make a custom size for a cylindrical, cube, round,hexagon LED Screen?

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