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Advantages of LED Flexible Screen

Flexible LED screen, also known as an LED flexible screen or soft LED screen, has the characteristics of 360-degree bending. Compared with indoor fixed LED displays and outdoor fixed LED displays, flexible LED screens can be rolled, bent, and twisted in any design, and LED displays of any shape can be made according to needs.

The LED soft screen uses a flexible PCB circuit board and a flexible silicone bottom case kit, which can be rolled up at will. It can be used as a cylindrical screen, annular screen, wave screen, ribbon screen, curved screen, time tunnel screen, and other creative LED displays.

1. The emergence of LED flexible screens broke our understanding of LED screens. Everyone exclaimed that the usual rigid LED screen can now be changed into different shapes with our actions, such as arc, cylindrical, curved, etc. Visually gives us a different experience.

2. The LED flexible screen panels are flexible and bendable, it can be installed without restrictions. It can be installed on the floor, wall, suspended, embedded, or suspended, which greatly satisfies the user’s installation method. Require.

3. The LED flexible screen can also achieve a very low pixel pitch, which can be as low as 1.25mm. Visually, the extremely high definition gives us a very shocking feeling.

4. Unique display effects and interactive experiences attract the audience’s attention and enhance brand awareness. The innovative technology of LED flexible video walls can be combined with virtual reality and augmented reality to provide visitors with a more immersive experience. This display method not only has stunning visual effects but also allows flexible and realistic interaction in different environments.


In addition, Flexible LED screens have the following advantages:

The modules are soft, there are many models to choose from, and they are easy to install.
The mask is made of silicone, which is flat and has no color difference.
It is flexible and can be made into any shape as needed.
When formed into a cylindrical shape, the image is smooth and beautiful. Flexible LED modules are installed using magnets.
The signal lines and power lines between the cabinets use quick connectors, which are easy and quick to install and can be used with professional audio and video processing systems.
This product supports a variety of signal inputs, such as DP, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI, H-SDI, etc.
It can be applied to a variety of installation methods, such as hoisting, surface installation, arc-embedded installation, etc.
Standard HUB75 interface definition supports various brands of control card drivers on the market.

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Flexible LED Screen Series

The flexible LED screen has gradually gained popularity among the public due to its bending and deformability.

Flexible display

The LED flexible display is composed of flexible LED modules. According to the LED wall size provided by the customers, the quantity of required Flexible modules can be calculated, and the LED flexible wall can be assembled by splicing. can design flexible displays for your needs.

flexible led screen panel

Flexible LED Modules is a flexible screen of various shapes formed by bending based on the LED soft film group. The content on the LED screen can be scrolled and played, which can achieve the effect of a variety of pictures and video carousels.

Ultra Thin Flexible LED Screen

Ultra thin flexible led screen can be bent 360°, the module is ultra-thin, and its own weight is light. It can be directly adsorbed by magnetic suction, which is extremely simple to install and easy to use.

Flexible LED TV Screen

A flexible LED TV Screen can play video, and TV, and also can be a monitor for the computer. because of its curved effect and video playback, So can be installed on curved walls, it gives us a better feeling than a straight LED display. Also, the flexible LED wall size can be customized.

Flexible LED Wall

Flexible led walls are commonly found in streets, highways or green belts. There are walls composed of different installation methods, such as hanging, inlaying or landing, which can be used as advertisements and broadcasts of daily news.

Flexible LED Screen Panel

The flexible programmable led display is a flexible screen composed of LED flexible modules, which can be connected to a computer and operated on the computer to achieve the effect of editing the display program, and can play video, pictures or text.

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Application of flexible screen

Due to its bendable and deformable characteristics, LED flexible screens have gradually entered everyone’s field of vision, and there are many application scenarios.

  • Exhibition LED Flexible Screen

    Many companies have their exhibition halls. After installing LED flexible screens in the exhibition halls, they will be more beautiful, more eye-catching, more vivid, and clearer, displaying the company’s products and company strength with PPT, videos and pictures, customized video content, and unique Special LED display screen display Become a must-have product for Flexible LED display screens in exhibition halls.

  • Entertainment Place LED Flexible Display

    Many playgrounds are equipped with a  box-shaped and round LED display screen for decoration, and the display screen content can be based on different themes to progress and release, and the atmosphere is dyed. There are various decorations for major cities, such as flexible LED display screens, LED bar screens, wave-shaped LED screens, fan-shaped LED screens, flowing water-shaped LED screens, etc.

  • commercial LED Flexible Screen

    When we walk into a large shopping mall, the first thing we see is a variety of LED displays, such as some LED column screens, LED shape screens, and other special-shaped LED displays for commercials. Professional LED flexible video wall manufacturer, low-cost shining belongs to your home court. Easy to install, easy to maintain, low-cost operation, money-making tool, free solution design, free quotation。

  • Hotel LED Flexible Screen

    Round column (figure column) LED flexible screen can be installed to the effect of the hotel. Due to its function, it can be used for more work announcement displays, LED super large clock screens, LED rate screens, and also can make big curved LED video walls for Prices, promotions, conferences, stages and shows, etc. The hotel can also recommend its specialty kimono, attracting more customers;

  • Stage LED Soft Screen

    Some stage effects can be seen, and various custom LED display screens, such as waveforms, patterns, etc., which are used for the high-level stage effects, and the high-level visual participation. Use your imagination to construct your own stage LED flexible screen.At the same time, it can be used with mechanical equipment to realize mechanical opening and closing, mechanical lifting, and assembled into different shapes of LED displays.

Indoor Mobius Ring FLexible LED Screen Strip

From a philosophical point of view, the two surfaces of the Mobius Strip are the same surface. If a point is randomly selected on the center line of the surface and cut, the Mobius ring cut for the first time will be larger than the uncut Mobius ring.

The rings should be large and can fit into each other, that is, the world is universally connected. No matter where you start from, you can meet you in the end, which represents the eternity of love.

Top Shine Can custom any size for Mobius strip FLexible LED Screen.

Mobius Ring FLexible LED Screen Strip
Ribbon LED Screen

Flexible Bendable Display Ribbon LED Screen

Flexible Bendable Display Ribbon LED Screen has a unique and beautiful appearance, and can be made into various shapes according to the environment.

Flexible Bendable Display Ribbon LED Screen can display some very creative content, which not only attracts the audience’s attention at the first time to achieve a better publicity effect, but also better expands the application range of LED display splicing.

Ring Flexible LED Display

The ring screen has a 360-degree super-large viewing angle, forming a rotating playback effect, and can be installed in the middle of the top of the store as a retail digital screen. It is beautiful and does not take up space, which is very eye-catching.Because it is a complete ring-shaped LED display, the 360-degree scrolling effect of videos or dynamic text is very cool.

Top Shine uses flexible LED modules that can make any diameter ring flexible LED display,

Ring Flexible LED Display

Advanced manufacturing equipment to ensure product production process and quality

LED MODULE Color Temperature Tester

Product quality is determined by process quality, process quality is determined by work quality, and work quality is ultimately determined by the quality of employees. Whether it is product quality, service quality, or work quality, it ultimately depends on the “quality” of the people who make the product, brings it to the service, and manage it. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the role of employees, fully mobilize the intentions and creativity of employees, and maximize product quality, service quanlity and work quality. Flexible led screen Quality is the life of an enterprise, and quality awareness is the soul of an enterprise’s life. Therefore, in order to improve product quality, we must first enhance the quality awareness of employees.

coating machine
Three anti-paint LED machine

Product quality is the god of the life of a  factory, and Flexible led screen product quality has become the foundation of an enterprise’s foothold in the market and the guarantee of its development. The product’s quality determines the product’s life and even the enterprise’s development and destiny. Without quality, there is no market, without quality, there is no benefit, and without quality, there is no development. Therefore, quality is the last word! Personality is that the world economy is in a downturn at this moment, and we must pay close attention to product quality and win by quality.

Automatic printing machine
Automatic printing machine

Product or service quality is the main factor determining enterprise quality, development, economic strength, and competitive advantage. Flexible led screen Quality is still the most critical factor in market competition. Whoever can bring users satisfactory products or services in a flexible and fast way can win a competitive advantage in the market.

How Top Shine Make materials for Flexible LED Wall Screen?

Flexible led screen cabinet
Flexible LED Screen Cabinet

Our flexible LED display cabinets are cut by high-precision lasers, and then bent, welded, shaped, polished, and painted according to customer drawings. High precision, good flatness, and smooth corners ensure the screen-joining effect of flexible screen installation.

On-site installation for Ring LED Screen

Only good LED flexible screen cabinets and fixed structures can install a flexible LED display with excellent effects. Several factors mainly affect assembly, including cabinet size, curvature processing, cabinet strength, and maintenance methods.

Flexible screen installation structure
Flexible screen installation structure

For special and complex flexible screens, customers can make and install fixed structures on-site through metal square tubes. The structure of the flexible screen is much more complex than the ordinary LED VIDEO WALL steel structure, and the precision requirements are also very high. You must pay attention to the construction details. Of course, the cost will be higher,

Flexible LED Module
Flexible LED Module

The Flexibe module is made with soft PCB and Soft silicone shell with multi-magnet design. Using the best LED lamp Nationstar, the color reproduction ability is strong, the brightness is high, and the dead lamp rate is low.

flexible led display
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Quanlity control And Test Equipment

Top Shine test equipment


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How To Avoid The Problem of High Failure Rate of Flexible LED Screens?

In order to avoid the problem of high failure rate of LED soft screens, the following points can be considered:

Switching sequence: turn on the computer first, then turn on the screen. Avoid turning on the screen in a completely white screen state, because the system’s inrush current is the largest at this time. Avoid opening the screen in an out-of-control state, because the system’s inrush current is the largest at this time.
Ambient temperature: When the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation conditions are not good, you need to add a heat dissipation device or do not turn on the screen for a long time.
LED soft screen: If one or more lines are very bright in part of the electronic display screen, the screen should be turned off in time. In this state, it is not advisable to keep the screen on for a long time and find the problem.
Power supply grounding: LED large screens must be grounded to ensure the stability and safety of the power supply.
Regular inspection: Regular inspection and maintenance of LED displays are very important, including cleaning of the display, inspection and replacement of fasteners, replacement of modules, etc. For general LED displays, a “monthly inspection system” can be adopted, while for large LED displays, a “weekly inspection system” should be adopted.
Get Insurance: Homeowners should get insurance from an insurance company to get paid in the event of a breakdown.
To sum up, avoiding the problem of the high failure rate of LED soft screens requires many aspects of attention and measures. These factors should be fully considered when selecting and using LED soft screens to ensure the normal operation and service life of the display.

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