Top Shine is a Leading manufacturer of LED Display

General Questions

What is the minimum order for led display and led modules?

We usually have stock for led modules and led displays. So we can accept sample order 1-1500pcs.

What is the warranty for led module and led screen?

We have free warranty from 1-5years. Returned to the factory for free maintenance for life

Do you have the agent in our country?

So far have not agent.

Can we install by ourserlf?

Yes,you can insatll by yourself. we will provide the manu and some led display drawing to you.

Can you send goods to my farward?

Yes,we can send goods to your farward.

Sales Questions

Can we install the led display to the wall?

yes, you can install the led display to the wall.

Can we maintenance the led screen from front side?

Yes,we have front and back maintenance led module for led screen.

How can we control the led display?

We have USB,RJ45,internet,Wifi,4G,RS232 and RS485 and APP, via PC or mobile phone to control and change the contect.

Can you customize the led sign?

Yes,we can custom led sign with different size,shape,pitch….

After Purchase Questions

What is the delivery time?

Usually about 15days after receiving deposit.

Whole LED screen no picture.

(1)  Check signal DVI or HDMI or video processor.
(2) Chck power and power supply
(3)  Chck brightness 0-100.
(4)  Check the model is black mode or not.

Synchronous and asynchronous control system

What’s the difference between synchronous control system and  asynchronous control system?

Synchronous & asynchronous refers to the controlling PC working together with the LED display or not. Synchronous means when the LED display screen system is working, the controlling PC must open and cannot be closed. Asynchronous control system means when the LED display is working, the controlling PC can be closed and has not further relationship with the LED sign; the LED display can work independently after the basic set up and the program making.

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