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LED Dance Floor Screen

Pixel Pitch P2.976-P3.91-P4.81
Cabinet size 960*960mm,960*800mm,900*900mm
Module size: 500*1000mm
Refresh rate: 3840Hz
Power: Max:800W/sqm,Avg:250W/sqm
Waterproof : IP43
Brightness: 4000cd
Input Voltage: 110-220V

LED Dance Floor Screen Features And How does it works?

LED dance floor screen is a digital display device on the ground, its implementation is mainly based on digital technology as the core, through the microcomputer fully digital processing and advanced circuit protection devices, to control the synchronous video, and implements the high.

1, multimedia interactive system by the image motion capture device, data transceiver, data processor, and the floor tile of the LED screen.
2, the image motion capture device to realize image, action to the participant’s data capture and acquisition.
3, data transceiver is to realize the motion capture data back and forth between express transport.
4, the data processor implements real-time interaction between participants and all kinds of effects of core part, the image acquisition and data analysis and processing, and achieves inherent to merge data processing and processor.

1, install fast flexible: installed without tools can be used directly or guide rail, and also can be a Rental LED Screen.
2, high load-bearing performance: aluminum alloy material structure, high bearing can be up to 1.5 tons per square meter.
3, excellent performance: the maintenance can be done directly for without dismantling the adjacent enclosure.
4, high contrast design, technical design masks, clear effect.
5, outstanding low and high ash effect, according to gray uniform, good consistency.

dance floor led display

Top Shine Perimeter LED Display Advantage

led dance floor No Gap Stitching

Simple unit adopted modularization, housing design, realizing there is no gap at the same time, the Mosaic of convenient disassembling and maintenance.

led dance floor Front maintenance

Installation of fixed foot cups and accessories all from the front, can be directly convenient rapid positive for repair and maintenance of LED display from the front.

led dance floor Waterproof moisture

LED modules and displays all adopt the positive positive waterproof, moistureproof design, guaranteeing the product will not be damaged because of dampness and drinks.

led dance floor High load-bearing

From the product circuit board to the cabinet  is specially designed for large bearings and exclusively. Use 1.5 MM thick steel plate and high-strength acrylic mask.

led dance floor Intelligent interactive

Through infrared technology combined with software and hardware, interactive and intelligent human body induction identification, the effect of capture and follow

led dance floor anti-skid

Use frosted antiskid high-strength mask, not reflective display color effect is more soft, at the same time also can effectively prevent slippery slip.

LED Dance floor TRO-2.604 TRO-2.976 TRO-3.91 TRO-O4.81
Pixel pitch(mm) 2.604 2.976 3.91 4.81
Pixel Density(dot/m2) 112910 112910 65746 43264
LED Type SMD 1415 SMD 1415 SMD 1921 SMD 1921/2727
Module Size(W x H x D)mm 250 x 250
Module resolution(W x H) 96 x 96 84 x 84 64 x 64 52 x 52
Module Weight(Kg) 0.55 0.55 0.6 0.6
Diver Mode(Scan) 24Scan 21Scan 16Scan 13Scan
Brightness(cd/m2) ≥3,000 ≥3,000 ≥3,000 ≥3500
Grey Scale(bits) 16 16 16 13
Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥3,840 ≥3,840 ≥3,840 ≥3,840
Cabinet Size(W x H x D)mm 500 x 1000 x 80
Cabinet Weight(Kg/Cabinet) 22 22 22 22
Max Power(W/m2) 800 800 800 800
Average Power(W/m2) 300 300 300 300
View Angle(H°/V°) 160°/160° 160°/160° 160°/160° 160°/160°
Mini View Distance(m) 2 3 3 4
Operating Use Temperature(℃) -20℃~60℃
Storage Use Temperature(℃) -20℃~60℃
Input Voltage(V) 100~240V
Input Power Frequency(Hz) 50Hz~60Hz
Failure Rate <1/100,1000
Signal Input Format SDI, RGBHV,YUV,YC,Composite,HDMI,DVI,SD/HD-SDI etc.
Life Time(hrs) 100000
IP Level(front/rear) IP54

Theatrical performances and other stage art design an important parts, including sets, lighting, makeup, costumes, effects, props, etc. Their design is called stage design. The LED dance floor screen for dazzling beautiful vivid images become an indispensable element in the design stage LED Screen.

Why Digitize Your Stage Use Led Dance Floor Screen?

  •  lighting performance, the audience sees the actors and set images.
  • Guide the audience’s sight, creating characters, foil emotions, and show stage illusion.
  • Build the required space environment.
  • Apply colors to a drawing of the atmosphere.
  • Show time and space conversion, highlight the dramatic conflicts and strengthen the rhythm of the stage, rich artistic appeal. Sometimes the stage’s special effects

LED Dance Floor Rental

LED dance floor LED screen is very suitable for stage performances and rental companies to rent out. The rental rate and return rate are quite high.

LED Dance Floor Rental
dance floor led screen

Dance Floor LED Screen

TS LED dance floor screens are manufactured using the highest quality LED Lamps and transparent and high-pressure housing, offering stunning brightness, contrast, and color reproduction with high performance.

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LED Dance Floor Screen

What should be paid attention to when buying a Dance LED floor screen?

★The application environment, whether it is indoor or outdoor, whether it needs to be waterproof, moisture-proof, etc.

★Fixed installation or rental mobile installation, there is no difference in product performance, but there is a big difference in installation time and cost

★Do you need interactive functions, such as interactive games, action follow, and need to install radar or chip sensing devices

★Load-bearing capacity, according to the size of the stage and the maximum load-bearing capacity required for future use, it is very important to choose an LED floor tile screen with a strong load-bearing capacity.

What are the important parts of the dance LED floor screen??

LED module–The core hardware device that displays the image;

★LED Cabinet–Load-bearing core components;

★LED Controller–Edit and control important parts of the screen;

★Power supply–power supply system;

★Inductive interactive device;A must-have device for games and interactions

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