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LED Transparent display

Pixel Pitch P3.91-7.8,P2.6-5.2,P10.4-P16-P31.25
Cabinet size 1000*1000MM,1000*500MM,1024*768MM
Module size: 500*125MM,1024*64MM,500*250MM
Refresh rate: 3840Hz
Power: Max:800W/sqm,Avg:250W/sqm
Waterproof : IP43-65
Brightness: 900-8000cd
Input Voltage: 110-220V

How to design a top LED Transparent display?

According to different application environments and scenarios, the design schemes of transparent screens are also different. According to the application environment, they are divided into three categories:
The indoor LED transparent screen mainly considers transparency and clarity, and the selection of LED lamp beads with a brightness of 1000CD can meet the demand.
Semi-outdoor LED transparent screens also need to consider factors such as sunlight and reflections. Generally, 2000-4000CD LED beads are used.
Outdoor LED transparent screen design must take into account waterproof, heat dissipation, wind resistance, shock resistance and high brightness.

outdoor transparent display

Top Shine LED Transparent Display

Grille LED Screen

DIP LED LAMP With High Brightness

High Transparency

Energy saving reduce operating costs

Easy to Install

Fretwork LED Screen

Small Wind Load

Light Weight

Convenient installation

High Transparency

Strip LED Screen

Strong Customization Ability

High Protection Level IP67

Aluminum Profile Case

Super Light

Glass LED Display

High Transparency


High Refresh rate

Simple installation

Transparent LED Wall


High grayscale

Low power consumption

Convenient installation

Transparent LED Window Display

Freely Assembly

Easy Maintenance

High Stable

High Transparency

transparent led screen TTF-3.91-7.81 TTF-3.91-7.81
Pixel pitch(mm) 3.91-7.81 3.91-7.81
Pixel Density(dot/m2) 32768 32768
LED Type 1921 2121
Module Size(W x H x D)mm 500 x 125 500 x 125
Module resolution(W x H) 128 x 16 128 x 16
Module Weight(Kg) 0.3 0.3
Power Consumption per Module(w) 40 28
Diver Mode(Scan)   1/7   1/16
Brightness(cd/m2) 2000 800
Grey Scale(bits) 16 16
Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥1,920-3840 ≥1,920-3840
Cabinet Size(W x H x D)mm 500x 1000 1000*1000 500x 1000  1000*1000
Cabinet Weight(Kg/m2) 8 8
Max Power Consumption(W/m2) 800 600
Average Power Consumption(W/m2) 250 200
View Angle(H°/V°) 160/160 160/160
Mini View Distance(m) 3 3
Operating Use Temperature(℃) -20℃~60℃
Storage Use Temperature(℃) -20℃~60℃
Input Voltage(V) 100~240V
Input Power Frequency(Hz) 50Hz~60Hz
Failure Rate <1/100,1000
Signal Input Format SDI, RGBHV,YUV,YC,Composite,HDMI,DVI,SD/HD-SDI etc.
Life Time(hrs) 100000
IP Level(front/rear) IP31/IP31
Model WLR3-7 WLR-5.2 WLR-10.4 WLR-15.6
Pixel Pitch(mm) H:3.9 V:7.8 H:5.2 V:10.4 H:10.4 V:10.4 H:15.6 V:15.6
Transparency Rate 53% 55% 58% 80%
Resolution(dot/ m²) 32768 18432 9216 4096
Cabinet Resolution 256×64 192×48 96×48 64×32
Weight(Kg/ m²) 15 15 15 15
Refresh(Hz) 3840 3840 3840 3840
Driving IC ICN2153PWM MY9866 MY9866 ICN2038S
Scan Mode 1/8 1/4 1/2 Static
LED Type SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD2727 SMD2727
Brightness(cd/ m²) ≥ 4500 ≥ 5500
Lamp Life Span ≥ 100 000 hours
Pixel Compose RGB all in one
Grey Scale 14bit
Max Power Consumption(W/ m²) 800
Ave. Power Consumption(W/ m²) 260
LED Control System NOVA
Connection & Control WiFi / DVI / HDMI / DP / USB/RJ45 / Remote Internet control
IP Level IP65
Clean Ghosting Yes
Input Power AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Module Input Power DC4.7~5V ±0.2V
Cabinet Size(mm) 1000x500x80
Cabinet Material Die Casting
Maintenance Front/ Rear Maintenance
Working Tempareture and humidity Temperature : -10~40℃ ; Humidity: 10%-90%, non-condensing
Installation Hanging (vertical 20pcs cabinet) 10 )/ Stacking / Fixed installation

Transparent Outdoor LED Screen

Front and rear maintenance

Can be Fixed or Rental

Can support ARC shape

Support custom shape and size

Transparent Outdoor LED Screen
Transparent Indoor LED Screen

Transparent Indoor LED Screen

Provide outdoor Hollow, strip, glass, grille, grid and other various LED transparent screens.

Applied to buildings, shopping centers, shopping malls, and brand chain stores.

What is the LED transparent Display Price?

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